How to use Instagram through google chrome ( Post into Instagram using Desktopify )

Add Desktopify to Chrome 

Step 1: Visit the following link: Click Here 

Step 2: Click "Add to Chrome" to Setup Desktopify into your Chrome browser 

Step 3: Once the extension has been added, click over the extension icon () which can be found in the search bar section. Click over it, and scroll until you find Desktopify icon, then pin it as shown in the animated graphic below. 

Step 4: After pinning desktopify icon, click over the icon (). 
Step 5: Instagram login page will appear as below 

Step 6: In the login page, Enter Instagram login details 

Step 7: After login, into Instagram  click over Not Now 

Step 8: the Instagram home page will appear as follows 

How to post using Desktop

Step 1: Click on the plus sign which can be found at the footer of Instagram 
Step 2: Choose the file or folder you want to upload.
Step 3: "New Photo Postpage will appear, from this page Click "Next" 
Step 4: Type the caption which you would like to appears beneath your post. 

Step 5:  After the caption has been written, click on "Share".