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How to Post a Flickr image

In this tutorial will helps in provide you with easy way to post photo within your blog to embed photo into a post. Step 1 : open three apps ( WordPress ,  Flickr , Photos ) Step 2 : Go to Photos Step 3 : select image Step 4 : Tap over Share Step 5 : Tap over Flickr Step 6 : Tap over Post Step 7 : Go to Flickr App Step 8 : Tap over Share icon Step 9 : Tap over Copy URL Step 10 : Go to WordPress App Step 11 : Tap over hyperlink icon Step 12 : Insert link Step 13 : Tap over hyperlink icon again Step 14 : Post the post

How to insert YouTube Video

In this post will show you how can you embed YouTube video within the post, just either follow the video steps or supported or depend on the typed steps below the video. Step1 : Got your Two Apps ( WordPress & YouTube ) working Step 2 : Go to YouTube Step 3 : Tap over person icon Step 4 : Tap over  upload icon ( up pointing arrow icon ) Step 5 : Select a video Step 6 : Tap over next icon ( right point arrow icon ) Step 7 : Tap over next icon ( right point arrow icon ) Step 8 : Wait until video uploaded completely Step 9 : Tap over the video Step 10 : Tap over share icon Step 11 : Tap over Copy Link Step 12 : Go to WordPress App Step 13 : Tap on the body of the post Step 14 : Tap on Post   Will done, your video has been embed into your post  

How to insert Google Photos

This post will provide steps of inserting Google albums , you may watch the video and follow the steps under the video clip of how to insert Google Photos Album into the Post . Step1 : Got your Two Apps working Step 2 : Go to Google Photos Step 3 : Tap over the side menu at let Step 4 : Tap over Collection Step 5 : Tap over plus sign on the right hand side Step 6 : Tap over Album Step 7 : Select images which you would like to include Step 8 : Tap over Done Step 9 : Type the album title Step 10 : Tap over  share icon Step 11 : Tap over Copy link Step 12 : After Complete Getting Link , Go to the Post Step 13 : Tap over hyperlink icon ( Past but usually automatically inserted ) Step 14 : Tap over insert Step 15: Tap over post / update    

How to Post on your Blog

In this post will discuss posting a single post in your blog, the steps has been divided into the following structure: Create New Post Structure of Post Type Title Insert Cover image / Picture to the topic Type body text Select Category Publish the Post Those is very simple steps which can learn them either by follow the instruction over the playlist in YouTube Click Here to view. If you prefer to follow steps by step instruction with visual support and video, keep reading this post. Create New Post   Step 1: Tap into WordPress App from your iPad Step 2: Tap Blog Title from My Sites Screen (Blog list Screen) Step 3: Tap Blog Posts from Publish Category Step 4: Tap + ( Create a Post / Add a Post ) icon from right top the screen   Structure of the Post As you can see from the above image the location of the each items and what does they mean. Type title

Login to your Blog

In this post will provide you the steps which needed to login to your own post which you can video the step from the below video and follow the instructions beneath the video: Step 1: Tap on " WordPress App" icon Step 2 : A login screen will appears , Don’t fill details yet Step 3 : Tap on Add Self-Hosted Site ( to appears the advance login page ) Step 4: Fill Form with your details Username/Email Details where provided by Email Password Details where provided by Email Blog URL* *** you can find that we had star back of the which mean you need replace the * with nickname of your blog such as : …etc   Step 5: Tap over ” Add Site” button Step 6: Blog list Screen will show up Cognate  , you are in .

Install Blog App

To login into your school blog you would needs to install the WordPress app into your iPad to start blogging. There are two ways to install the app, which are:   Get from app Store You able to Get WordPress by visiting the App Store from your iPad and install the app from their, you can follow steps with below video or follow steps type under the video. Step 1 : Tap into your   App Store icon Step 2 : Tap into Search bar of Store Step 3 : Type “ WordPress “ Step 4:“ WordPress “   App will show up, Tap into the download Cloud icon Step 5: Wait until Completed Step 6 : Find App in your Apps Screen   Follow a link Step 1: Visit WordPress App Page for ios by Click Here Step 2: Click Downloads   If you still need helps , let the IT Support help you in those steps .  

Welcome to Blogging World

We are beta-lunching Blogs for education purpose, which would provide resources and information’s either to help student in their education or provide glance about event / activities which student done in some specific day’s. Those blog would be direct communication between teachers and student as they were sitting in the classroom at school. Their will be post that provide some guidelines and support on how to use the blog as user which you would find out in next posts which would discuss: How to install Blog App  How to login into your blog How to Post How to insert Google Photos How to insert Flickr Photos How to insert YouTube Video Keep referring to this blog for update information’s and details about the blogs and other future technology tips or information, which would like to share with you.