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Delete tumblr Blog

Step 1 : Login into tumblr  Step 2 : Click Account icon [ ] >> Settings Step 3 : From right handside , select the blog you wish to delete *   Step 4 : Scroll end of the blog setting , you would find Delete blog button  Step 5 : Fill the login information to delete the blog Step 6 : confirmation message will show up  * Note : if you will delete your primary blog , you most delete your account , which will be similar steps , just the button would be rather than delete blog , will be delete account 

Sync other Google Calendar

Step 1 : Go to School Calendar at school website or Click Here  Step 2 : Click " + Google Calendar "  to add Calendar to your google account Step 3 :  A list of Calendars will pop up for you , add calendar you would like to sync with your calendar. Step 4 : List of Calendar will show up under Other Calendars  Step 5 :  Adding your Other Calendars to your Ipad / Iphone is simple can be done by go to the following link or click Here Step 6: Select calendar which you would like to sync with your iPad , and after you finalize click " save " Give it a minute to sync and you'll be ready to go , you might need to reset your iPad or iPhone . 

Start Blogging with Blogger : Add Image in Sidebar

Step 1 : Click  " more option icon [   ]" , Sub menu would listed Click  " Layout" Step 2 : Decide which location you would like to add  the picture in , then  click  " +  Add a Gadget " .  Step 3 : After Pop up Gadget window , Click "Plus Icon [ ]"  to add this Gadgets , then fill up the Title text box and upload the image you would like Step 4 : Save the arrangement  And that how you to add an image into your layout