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Google Cell Text Wrap

Step 1 : Select your cell Step 2 : From the Main  Menu , Go to Format >> Text Wrapping >> Wrap option To see the full steps , please take look in below animation : 

How to Delete a Blogger

Step   1    : Enter the Control Panel from the following link : Click Here  Step   2    : Click  over more options icon  , a sub menu will show up  Step   3    : Click  over " Settings"  Step 4 : In Side Menu , Click " Settings " then Click " Other "  Step 5 : In  Others Settings  page , Find " Delete Blog" Section  ,   and   Click  "Delete blog " hyperlink   Step 6: Will Pop up a message , Click Over " Delete This Blog " button.  The blog has been deleted . 

How to Reach Google Docs

How to Enter Google Doc , their is two way to enter the product. Take look into the method which fit for you . First Method :   Step 1 : Go to Google Docs by visiting the following link Step 2 : Select Template you would like to Work Over Click over the Blank one for example  Second Method :  Step 1 : Go to Google Drive from the following link : Step 2 : Below the Logo of Google Drive  their is blue button written over " New " , Press over and Select from the menu Google Docs .  as show in the animated Graphics.  and after do this step , will open to you the documents and shown in the below image below