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Disconnect apps from your Google Drive

As much you love connect apps into your drive to help you , some apps need to be disconnect because you either you connect them to test them , and wasn't one for you , or you are no any more using them and your list is crowded . So, here the steps of how to get disconnect those apps to connect or reconnect them when do you need. Step 1: Go to  Setting wheel icon  >> Settings  as shown in below animation Step 2: will pop up Setting Box window as below  Step 3 : Select Manage Apps from side menu  Step 4: A list of app will show up , beside the App you would like to disconnect their is a little Gray button written over option Click over it and Select Disconnect from Drive  and here you go ,  your app is disconnected from your drive. 

Combine PDF with Adobe Acrobat Pro

Adobe Acrobat Pro provide multiple of facilities for you such as join / combine two or more PDF document to know how to do that follow the below steps: Open Adobe Acrobat Pro  Go to Main Menu of Adobe Acrobat Pro Go to File >> Create >> Combine files into a Single PDF  3. Will pop up to you combine Files window as below image  4. Click over   " Add Files " button and Select the files you would like to Combine within Single PDF  5.   Click  Over " Combine Files "   to Combine the files into a single PDF  6. Just don't forget to Save  the document which you combine . 

Google Sheet Cell Format

If you would like to set your Cell into right properties of Format what you have to do is the following  Step 1 : Select the Cell of the google sheet  Step 2 : From Google Sheet M enu > Format > Number  Step 3: Select form the list of format , the format that fit your need.  Here an animated Example of how to Set Cell Format for an cell in Google Sheet