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Canva is best for quick design

If you would like to design quick things by your self without need to hire  designer to do the job, then you need to hire Canva. Canva is great solution for quick design for your social media or either to create your custom invitation or other type of printable or digital artwork. Used over your desktop in  browser from the following link :  or by download the app into your ios device ( iPhone / iPad ) from the following link : and now enjoy all type of design with your new tool to help you do good design in quick way .

Free Website Builder

General Free Web Builder Website which could be blog or regular website which can be customize depend on your needs are the following:  Wesbite : Example :  Website: Example: Website: Example:

Turn off Conversation mood

The step to turn off conversation mood in Gmail is the following steps : Step 1 : Go to  Step 2 : Click over Setting icon , and from the list, click over Settings .  Step 3 : make sure you are in " General " from Settings options , then Scroll until your reach "Conversation View" .  Step 4 : Select " Conversation View off " Step 5 : Click over " Save the changes "   and that way you will get each email separatist rather than as conversation or thread 

quietube: Video without the distractions

Share Video without any distractions of ads or comments with your student or with family members, the site call quitetube  Check it out by your self through the following link :

Recommended Insert Watermark into your Video

Online Video Editor  WaterMark WeVideo Desktop Video Editor  Filmore