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Extract zip or rare format attachment in Gmail

You got documents from different type of people and you would like just to download the docs as individual format step 1 : Visit the Following link by Click Here   step 2 : Press " Add to Chrome " Button , Mini window will pop up , press " Add App " button Step 3: Go to your email with .rar or .zip file attachment.  Step 4: When a new tab open up with app , authorise the app to can view the .zip and .rar files to extract them  Your docs can be found in left hand side of the screen, hope that ease to you open .zip and .rare file

Tech Favourite of November 2016

November Picks  I always get cross with Software / Apps or things might get things ease or it is just nice to got or have in your Tech or Software Technology Gadgets . So, this is my first serious of Monthly Picks . Android Device Apps  Google Drive  Google Drive a nice app that help you view directly your files and enable view different account from the same app, so you would be able view your personal , work account. Google Chrome Apps or Extensions  Bitmoji  It is an great app for creating Avatar or Personalise your own character to use on your Post or Website or Even at social media. Sometimes you need those character to describe feeling or action you would like to point or share with all other people. Click Here   to Install your app through your Chrome Browser.  Save to Google Drive This Extension is one of the greatest one store information in the Google Drive , that is great method to keep your documents, photos , articles which you fou

Let people Able to Share your Blogger Post

When You Creating a Blog you need to Spread and let people spread your Post everywhere to benefit from the blog and share what they like to easy the way to them and remind them too share you can do that by adding sharing buttons for the blogger. How to do that ?!! Here the easiest way to do that Step 1 : Visit the following link : Step 2 : In Install AddToAny in Blogger Section , under this section you will able to see a  Blue Button written over " Install Blogger Widget" Press over the button Step 3 : A little form will show up call " Add Page Element" , Fill the form as propitiate for your need Select a blog : Select Name of Blog you would like to Apply over Title : Type Name of Item for identification you can left as it is Then Press Add Widgets button Step 4 : After you complete all those steps will show up the layout Page and will appear the widget in widget section as following picture