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YouTube Channel With Multi Manager

Step 1 : Visit your Channel which you want share the load with others. Step 2 : From the Right hand side Account Icon ,  Click Over like you are going to switch the YouTube channel from their  Click Over   YouTube Setting Icon , to take you to Account Setting Page  Step 3 : Under overview  Section , their is a sub Section would be title as Managers with hyperlink which is " Add or remove managers " , Click Over " Add or remove managers ".  Step 4: The Brand Account details page  will show up , and their would be a blue button which title as Manage Permissions which should be click over.  Step 5 : Will pop up as you can see from above image Manage Permissions Screen .  Press over Invite new users ,  and add as many as you would like user to collaborate with to create content in YouTube .  From Dropbox Select type of   role you would like to provide bulk of users  Then Click Invite  The Invited people must accept

Create A Youtube Channel

Step 1 : View list of YouTube Channel from Here Step 2 : Fill Form of Create a new Channel Name your channel : Type the name you like  Category : Company , institution or organization  or other  Check I agree to the Pages Term  Step 3 :  Verify your page using your phone number Hurrah you did it , your own a channel .