Trim your Video into specific

Step 1: Visit Online Video Cutter website: Click Here 
Step 2: Upload the video over the online video cutter website by click over "Choose file", pick the video file you would like to upload and click "open".

Step 3 : After the video been uploaded and displayed, pull the slider from left and right to the specific section you would like to get and then Click "Save" button as the following gif. 

Step 4 : The Site will process the video and will shows a pop-up window with a button that labels with "Download". 

Step 5: To add the Video into your Google drive click over the arrow that next to the download  button, and select from the side menu Google Drive 

Step 6 : A pop up window  of Saving Video appears, click into Save button to store into your drive. 

And those all the steps needed to trim/crop your video.