How to Create Pages in Google Sites

Step 1: From Right-hand side menu, Click " Pages"

Step 2 : Create  Second Page by 

  • click on + icon 
  • select from the pop-up menu New Page 
  • Type the title of the new page 
  • Click Done 

Step 3 : Create Sub Page for Second Page 

  • Select title of the page that subpage would be sub for 
  • then right click on the 3 dots which will appear  
  • after that select from the menu "Add Subpage "


Step 4 : Add into Menu an External Link 

  • click on + icon 
  • select from the pop-up menu Link 
  • Type the title of the link 
  • Then Type the link which would like to link with the title 
  • Click Done 

and that was how to add pages into the Site , in ntext post will discuss the menu types and system.