Create Google Site and Understand The anatomy of the Website

Step 1: Create A website by Visit following link : 

After pressing on the link a new Google site would be created and all that does it needs to be filled.  

Step 2: Understanding the Environment or Platform 

Before getting further with building a website through Google sites, Let us understand the environment the Google Sites. But before that let us colour coding the situation. 

1. Red is elements 
2. Baby blue would be Settings 
3. Pink would be Section of the page 

Let start first with Pink: Pink is an area of the actual website so when we are pointing with pink is going to discuss a section. 

The main two sections in Google site which would be our focus are : 
  1. Header Section 
  2. Body Section 
The Header Section (1) is a section which would be the header of the website which contains page banner and title and that can be change too. 

While Section (2) is the section would be contains the body or content of your website. 

The Second Area which would discuss is the Blue Are which is Setting sections or area 

The Web Setting Area : is where you would setup general information of the Website which would reflect setting of the whole site. 

Pages Settings Area : is the area which would configure pages layout , elements , ...etc. 

Final Area which going to be discuss in this post is element , which currently pointing into items on banners and website settings . 

We will Apply all that details in the Next Article