Thursday, 28 June 2018

Change Google Doc share privilege

Step 1: Click on the Share button " Share "
Step 2: a popup window will appear, with tiny text in the right-hand side on the bottom of the box written "Advanced", click over the word "Advance"

Step 3: After Click over "Advanced" will show extra sections as below image

Who has access section appears in this section which will have couple of features which are : 
1. Changing Global Privilege settings of the document 
2. list of people who got privilege and type of access which assigned for each person. 
3. invitation section. 

Step 4: Click over "change " word, a link sharing will appear as the following image 

Each selection will have a different type of access and use as will be mention below :

1. on - public on the web: anybody at global who able to get his/her hand on doc somehow ( from google search engine, get a link from someone, shared with , ....etc ) will be able to access this document without login into Google account.

2. on - Anyone with link : anybody at global who will get this link will able to view the content without the need to login into Google account

3. on-name of your institution: anybody in the institution will have an access for this document, and would be listed in Share docs section in google drive. ( This option available for Gsuite Business or Education )

4. on-Anyone at the institution with the link: anybody from the institution with the link will have an access which means they would need login with institution Google. 

5. off - Specific people: Just specific people who have been listed within "who has access" list which also means is going to be listed within the shared drive section.

Step 5: Select the best option to fit your needs and press Save button 
Step 6: After that Click Done from Sharing Settings Window

Force Google Form to English / Arabic by another method

Are you looking to force Google form to an English/arabic or any other language, and either you are new on this or just the method which you used doesn't work any more.

Please follow the steps below 

Step 1 : Prepare your Google Form 
Step 2 : Press Send , Send Via Link  copy the link from the send form 

Step 3 : Past in email / address bar or any text processor software  

Our Example Link 

Step 4 : Remove the usp=sf_link from end of the link  and replace with

If you need other language 

Web Interface Language Codes

hl=af          Afrikaans
hl=ak          Akan
hl=sq          Albanian
hl=am          Amharic
hl=ar          Arabic
hl=hy          Armenian
hl=az          Azerbaijani
hl=eu          Basque
hl=be          Belarusian
hl=bem         Bemba
hl=bn          Bengali
hl=bh          Bihari
hl=xx-bork     Bork, bork, bork!
hl=bs          Bosnian
hl=br          Breton
hl=bg          Bulgarian
hl=km          Cambodian
hl=ca          Catalan
hl=chr         Cherokee
hl=ny          Chichewa
hl=zh-CN       Chinese (Simplified)
hl=zh-TW       Chinese (Traditional)
hl=co          Corsican
hl=hr          Croatian
hl=cs          Czech
hl=da          Danish
hl=nl          Dutch
hl=xx-elmer    Elmer Fudd
hl=en          English
hl=eo          Esperanto
hl=et          Estonian
hl=ee          Ewe
hl=fo          Faroese
hl=tl          Filipino
hl=fi          Finnish
hl=fr          French
hl=fy          Frisian
hl=gaa         Ga
hl=gl          Galician
hl=ka          Georgian
hl=de          German
hl=el          Greek
hl=gn          Guarani
hl=gu          Gujarati
hl=xx-hacker   Hacker
hl=ht          Haitian Creole
hl=ha          Hausa
hl=haw         Hawaiian
hl=iw          Hebrew
hl=hi          Hindi
hl=hu          Hungarian
hl=is          Icelandic
hl=ig          Igbo
hl=id          Indonesian
hl=ia          Interlingua
hl=ga          Irish
hl=it          Italian
hl=ja          Japanese
hl=jw          Javanese
hl=kn          Kannada
hl=kk          Kazakh
hl=rw          Kinyarwanda
hl=rn          Kirundi
hl=xx-klingon  Klingon
hl=kg          Kongo
hl=ko          Korean
hl=kri         Krio (Sierra Leone)
hl=ku          Kurdish
hl=ckb         Kurdish (SoranĂ®)
hl=ky          Kyrgyz
hl=lo          Laothian
hl=la          Latin
hl=lv          Latvian
hl=ln          Lingala
hl=lt          Lithuanian
hl=loz         Lozi
hl=lg          Luganda
hl=ach         Luo
hl=mk          Macedonian
hl=mg          Malagasy
hl=ms          Malay
hl=ml          Malayalam
hl=mt          Maltese
hl=mi          Maori
hl=mr          Marathi
hl=mfe         Mauritian Creole
hl=mo          Moldavian
hl=mn          Mongolian
hl=sr-ME       Montenegrin
hl=ne          Nepali
hl=pcm         Nigerian Pidgin
hl=nso         Northern Sotho
hl=no          Norwegian
hl=nn          Norwegian (Nynorsk)
hl=oc          Occitan
hl=or          Oriya
hl=om          Oromo
hl=ps          Pashto
hl=fa          Persian
hl=xx-pirate   Pirate
hl=pl          Polish
hl=pt-BR       Portuguese (Brazil)
hl=pt-PT       Portuguese (Portugal)
hl=pa          Punjabi
hl=qu          Quechua
hl=ro          Romanian
hl=rm          Romansh
hl=nyn         Runyakitara
hl=ru          Russian
hl=gd          Scots Gaelic
hl=sr          Serbian
hl=sh          Serbo-Croatian
hl=st          Sesotho
hl=tn          Setswana
hl=crs         Seychellois Creole
hl=sn          Shona
hl=sd          Sindhi
hl=si          Sinhalese
hl=sk          Slovak
hl=sl          Slovenian
hl=so          Somali
hl=es          Spanish
hl=es-419      Spanish (Latin American)
hl=su          Sundanese
hl=sw          Swahili
hl=sv          Swedish
hl=tg          Tajik
hl=ta          Tamil
hl=tt          Tatar
hl=te          Telugu
hl=th          Thai
hl=ti          Tigrinya
hl=to          Tonga
hl=lua         Tshiluba
hl=tum         Tumbuka
hl=tr          Turkish
hl=tk          Turkmen
hl=tw          Twi
hl=ug          Uighur
hl=uk          Ukrainian
hl=ur          Urdu
hl=uz          Uzbek
hl=vi          Vietnamese
hl=cy          Welsh
hl=wo          Wolof
hl=xh          Xhosa
hl=yi          Yiddish
hl=yo          Yoruba
hl=zu          Zulu

Thursday, 14 June 2018

Make email links Force to be open at Gmail

Needs a Solution to your email link dilemma, if you get to cross into email link which email can't copy and when do you click over, doesn't go through any email client, and you would like specifically to go to your Gmail, your solution is over here. 

Step 2 : Install the Add to Chrome by Click over " + ADD TO CHROME " button. 

Step 3 : A new tab will open with option form, as below image 

Step 4: Recommended to Tick the following options : 
1. allow BCC: Filed to be filled. 
2. force opening in a new window. 
see the screenshot of the form how should look like 

Step 5 : Save the options 

Now, can navigate and communicate with people in a smoother way.