Monday, 14 January 2019

How to upload Video into My Map

Uploading the Video into My Map from Google would be by using YouTube facility, so create your own YouTube channel for uploading the video.

Step 1 : Go to the map
Step 2 : Select the location point which you would like to add a video over

Step 3: From the popup window, click over the camera icon 
Step 4: A choose an image or a video pop up window will show up, with a different method to insert image or video.
Step 5 : The video will be set up on the location point and then click Save  the details

Note : No any more support upload video to location point directly or through google drive, Just support YouTube Video. 

Saturday, 12 January 2019

Force Google Doc to English

To Make sure that your google docs going to be view in English Format, just follow the steps :
Step 1: Get your link from a share link button 
Step 2: A pop-up window with the title " Share with others " as below image will appear

Step 3: Copy the link and past in some another doc or over the notepad or even over the address bar

Our example URL :

Step 4: In that URL replace ?usp=sharing with ?hl=en as shown in below example

original link :

after replace :

And by this way, you had forced the document to be in English

Saturday, 5 January 2019

Create your own map over Google My Map by Import Data

Step 1: Go to Google Maps from the following link : Click Here 

Step 2 : Click over a red button with label "+ CREATE A NEW MAP"

Step 3: A map would show up with a white panel on the left-hand side, check the details in the white panel. 

Step 4 : Fill the White Panel with details you would like to include in the map to the viewer as the following image. 

Step 5: Import the data, in this example, would import data from google sheet which shared in the drive. 

Step 6 : The data will be retrieved and will pop up a couple of dialogue box, first one would request to choose columns to position your placemarks, so select the column title with country or city details and then click on "continue"

Step 7: After that would request from you to choose a column to title your markers, so select the marker title which you would like to be shown to map viewer. 

Step 8: the data will be retrieved into the map, but would be all in same colour and shape of the marker. In this step, you would Click over "Uniform Style" link 

Step 9 :  After Click uniform style a mini pop up window with two drop-down boxes, 
  1. the first one with title "Group places by " : Select the filter or field which divide the marketplace with 
  2. The second would be set labels: so you may choose the label from the drop-down list too. 
Step 10: close the pop-up window and in this step you free to share, preview and embed the map as you would like.